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1) Laws Of The Game

All matches will be played in accordance with current FIFA Futsal Laws of the Game except where noted below. The following items will further interpret those rules for purposes of this league and/or will provide the administrative framework for the operation of the league.

2) The Players

  • All players must be registered with their teams in the registration page. To be eligible, the player must electronically sign the League Waiver and Release of Liability (Adult League) or have his/her Parent or Legal Guardian do it (Youth League). 

  • Team rosters may have a minimum of 5 (five) and maximum of 8 (eight) players. 

  • A player cannot play for more than one team in the same season. 

  • New players may be added throughout the season. It is necessary to Contact Goal Futsal and request the addition of the player to the roster. a $45.00 administrative fee will be charged. 

  • Referees must check in all players and verify according to each team roster.

2.1) Minimum Number of Players

  • There must be a minimum of three players on a team to start the game. 

  • If the minimum is not met, the result is an automatic forfeit.

  • If the opposing captain agrees, the game may be played by adding players not on the team roster. An automatic forfeit is recorded and the game will be played as a friendly and not count towards the league standings.

2.2) Substitution During Play and Stoppages

  • Players may substitute at any time on an unlimited basis provided the substituted player does not interfere with the play at the time the replacing player enters the field of play. Players and substitutes must request the permission of the referee to enter or exit the field of play. Goalie substitutions must occur during the team's own possession or after a goal prior to the restart of play.

3) Uniforms

  • Teams will receive pinnies prior to te beginning of the game. The team is allowed to bring their own uniform, but not required. .

  • Teams listed first in the schedule are Home teams, teams listed second are Away teams.

  • Goalkeepers must wear a different color from the rest of the field players.

  • Soccer shorts / Training pants

  • Socks

  • Indoor soccer footwear / Tennis shoes / No soccer cleats

  • Shin guards are recommended but not required.

3.1) Dangerous Equipment

  • Casts, splints, or body braces made of hard materials must be padded to the satisfaction and the permission of the referee or an administrator.

4) The Referee

  • Enforce the "Futsal Laws of the Game" and all league rules.

  • The authority of the referee commence when the referee enters the field of play.

  • Record of the game.

  • Control of match time and timed penalties.

  • The referee shall adjust the length of the match to ensure the next match remains on schedule.

  • The referee has the discretion to start the game clock if teams are not ready to play due to jersey conflicts, players arriving late, etc.

  • Submit the game record to facility administrator at end of game, including any pertinent information (i.e. penalties, injuries).

  • All decisions made by the Referee shall be final.

5) Time

  • 2 (two) 25-minute halves separated by a 3-minute halftime. A running clock will be maintained by a referee. Clock will not stop during injury time.

6) The Game

  • All Games will start at their scheduled time. If a team is not ready to play after 10 minutes, then the game is an automatic forfeit.

  • The team listed first on the schedule is the Home team.

6.1) Scoring

  • Goals CAN be scored on corner kicks.

  • Goals CANNOT be scored directly from kickoff.

  • Goals CANNOT be scored directly from goal kicks.

  • Goals CANNOT be scored directly from kick-ins.

  • Regular season games ending in a tie score will be recorded as tie games.

  • A forfeit by a team shall result in the score of 3-0. If both teams are deemed by the referee to be at fault to a serious degree, a double forfeit will be the result, and neither team will receive any points.

  • A mercy rule will apply and the game will end if a team is winning by a differential of 12 goals. The game score and goals will count and will not be registered as a forfeit.

6.2) Penalty Kick:

  • If the defense or offensive player is clearly in the goal box area before any shot on goal takes place, then the following will occur:

  • A defensive penalty will result in a penalty shot. All players must remain behind or even with the ball and 5 paces from the penalty mark.

  • Players cannot run past the penalty mark until the ball is kicked.

  • An offensive penalty will result in a free kick for the defensive team.

6.3) Referee Time Stoppage

  • The restart of the match shall go to the team in possession at the time of the stoppage with an Indirect Free Kick. If there was no clear possession, the game will resume with a drop ball at the location where the ball was, when play was stopped by the referee.

6.4) Goal Kicks

  • Team must place the ball on the ground in a stopped position in the designated area prior to taking a goal kick. The ball must leave the penalty area before being received by a teammate.

6.5) Corner Kicks

  • All defending players must be at least five (4) paces distance away or in their penalty area.

6.6) Encroachment
Players of the opposing side must comply with the five (4) pace radius for the following restarts:

Free Kicks

Corner Kicks

Goal Kicks

Penalty Kicks


For any violation of encroachment, the referee may issue a verbal warning to the offending player(s). For any subsequent violation, a Caution will be given to the offending player guilty of the offense.

7) Fouls and Misconduct
Any player who commits a foul may be penalized by awarding a Free Kick to the opposing team which will be taken at the point of the infraction subject to the exclusion of the penalty kick. 

All opposing players must be no closer than 5 paces of ball prior to kick. If a foul has been committed in the penalty area, a Penalty Kick will be awarded.

No Slide Tackling - Penalized as an Indirect Free Kick - these shall be defined by the referee as any part of the body, other than the feet, that makes contact with the ground during a challenge or play for the ball. Sliding (not slide tackling) is allowed for goalkeepers within their penalty area.

Verbal abuse: taunting of players, referees, or spectators by players, coaches, or spectators are causes for immediate suspension.

Accumulated fouls: only five fouls are permitted for each half. After the fifth foul, the team committing a foul will be penalized with a PK for each subsequent foul beginning with the sixth foul.

7.1)Penal Time Penalties
These penalties shall be administered by a Caution or a Sending-off by the referee, depending on the nature and severity of the offense.

All Cautionable offenses (Yellow Card) will be punished by a 2-minute penalty.

If a 2-minute penalty is given when a Caution has been issued the penalized player must sit out, and a sub will not be allowed to replace him/her.

The penalized team receiving a Caution will play one person short for 2 minutes, or until a goal is scored against them, whichever occurs first.

If a player receives a 2nd Caution in the same match, that player will be Sent Off and ejected from the game. Plus that person will receive a minimum suspension of one additional game.

Sending-Off offenses (Red Card) will be punished by ejection of the specific player(s) for the remainder of the game and a 5-minute team penalty.

Ejection of any coach, substitute or non-playing personnel will result in a 5-minute penalty to the offending team.

7.2) Additional Penalties
If the same player accumulates the following during regular season, tournament or playoffs, then that player will be suspended from the league for the remainder of that current season. Additional penal time penalties can be assessed:
3 yellow cards

2 red cards

Combined equivalent e.g. 3 yellow cards and 1 red card

These will be assessed to both players and bench personnel, whether or not they are on the field of play. The time penalty may be assessed on a specific offending player or on the team if the offense is committed: by the coach, bench personnel, or an unidentified individual on the team. Should any player or non-playing team personnel exhibit misconduct at the conclusion of the game, the referee shall display the appropriate card and inform the facility administration for further action. Should the card issued be a red (ejection), that player or team personnel member must serve an automatic 1-game suspension. Players who participate in multiple leagues will be required to sit out for a minimum of 1 game per team.
7.3) Ejections

An ejected player, coach, non-playing personnel or spectator must exit the court area immediately and will not be allowed to return to the facility for a minimum of 1-game.

Players shall be ejected for incidents of:

Violent misconduct or serious foul play

Foul or abusive language or action

Accumulation of two yellow card penalties


Ejection from the court in one league will jeopardize eligibility in other leagues (i.e. if player is ejected from any league, player suspension will include participation in any league).

An ejected player is also subject to possible multiple game suspensions or banishment from the facility.

That player must exit the facility prior to commencing game, and may not return prior to management approval. Additional penalties may be incurred by the team if problems persist.

8) Points System
To determine league or tournament standings, the following point system will be used:
Win: 3

Tie: 1

Loss: 0

League Format. Based on the number of registered teams, either traditional league format (team with most points after the games is declared champion) or a League + playoff format will be assigned. 
8.1) Tie Breakers

The following tie-breaking procedures will be used to determine league or bracket winners for playoff seeding:

Head to head competition

Most Wins

Goal Differential

Lowest number of cautions or Ejections 
8.2) Playoffs
If neither team scores after regulation, then teams will go into a sudden death penalty shootout.

Shootout Specifics:

A coin flip to decide winner choice of first kick or second kick.

Kickers consist of any or all eligible players or subs.

Reduce to equal amount of kickers for each team.

If the first team misses their shot, the 2nd team will have a chance to win the game by scoring a goal.

If neither team scores, then round 2 will begin until a winner is determined.

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