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Futsal is the five-a-side court game played on a hard surface with a smaller, weighted ball that stays on the ground. It provides players a lot more meaningful touches on the ball in tighter spaces than 11 vs. 11 outdoor games. These extra touches in the young ages are the “secret” of many world-class stars, like Messi, Ronaldinho, Neymar, and so many others.


Goal Futsal will offer Game Skills Clinics (Ballers Training) for young soccer players (boys and girls, ages 6-11) and a Youth Futsal Program (boys and girls, ages 12-17). The Ballers Clinics are the opportunity to learn the basic techniques of the game and play on a fun, positive learning environment. The Youth Program will give its participants the chance to develop and refine their game skills, without the pressure and expectations of club soccer. Futsal is proven to sharpen skills better than any other method.  

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